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FRIV | It is not easy to find a high quality friv game as this one. Ultimate Waterfall is a puzzle based game along with physics game elements in it. The game is such that all age groups and genders will cherish the playing of the game. Lush visuals, a trance like soundtrack and a very neat presentation are the main highlights of this awesome online game. The play screen will show colored particles and that ought to be directed to fill up all the respective colored orbs. You will have to thoughtfully drag various objects around the screen, such as reflective mirrors or teleporters, to get your shiny sparkles around obstacles and into the receptacle, they belong in. The relaxing feature is that is no time limits imposed on the game play. If you thought the fun will be short live, you are wrong. There are 57 levels in this friv game and so the fun of playing the game is prolonged. Continue gaming and unlocking achievements that not only influence the game play but also add to the excitement. Use the mouse of the computer to play this cool online game that you are most likely to get addicted to.