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Puzzle Game | When you are talking about puzzle based online games, you are actually talking about puzzle games that offer challenges which makes the player of the game to strain their brain strong enough to find solutions for the brain teasing challenges. This particular online puzzle game is surely one of the best games of the lot that we can find online. Here in this puzzle game, the player has to slide the blocks very skillfully in order to accomplish the specified task during the game play. The green blocks are required to be moved around using the mouse in order to push the red blocks to get it out of the play area through the given exit. The green blocks can be moved horizontally or vertically depending upon the present position of the respective block. So a green block that is placed in a horizontal position can only be moved sideways. Likewise, a block which is positioned in a vertical manner can only be moved upwards or downwards. These blocks are not under the influence of gravity but the red blocks to be moved out of the play area follows the laws of gravity that makes it a bit more difficult. Adjusting the orientation of each move during the game play is the vital part of the game. Your score is calculated according to the number of moves that you make for completing every level. So try to use the least number of moves to complete each level of the game. But one particular feature that you would definitely like to use is the Undo option. By using the Undo option you can move back as many times as you would want to, the pointer that shows the number of moves used also goes back to the old number. Use the mouse to play this interesting puzzle game called Push Me.