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Point and Click Game - Pierre Hotel | The cool dude is so happy that her boss has granted his wife vacation as they had planned to go out to spend time together away from the daily chores at home and the burden of workload at their respective offices. They head together to the Pierre Hotel, where they have reservations. Little did they know that some paranormal activities would take them by surprise at the hotel. As the dude parks the car while his wife enters the hotel, their lives take a deadly curve. His wife disappears. You heard it right; she actually disappears. The dude walks in to realize what had just happened and to make things worse, the Halloween character at the counter behaves rudely and denies the entry of his wife in the hotel. Your challenge in the game is to help the dude look for all the clues, usable items and take part in interactions with characters seen around to solve the mystery of his lost wife. Puzzle solving skills are required for the successful playing of this particular friv adventure based online point and click game. You should be very observant because ignoring any of the clues can cause you to fail. Use the computer mouse to interact during the interesting friv game play of this point and click game Pierre Hotel.