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You are about to play one of the best online physics based puzzle games. The graphics and the presentation of the game is very admirable and you will surely agree that the intro in the game very much sets the mood for the game play. Your main objective during the game play is to guide the acorn to its tree by overcoming all the obstacles and hurdles encountered along the way. Activate objects and cut ropes so that the acorn can safely pass through each and every stage. Try to collect golden acorns, and earn three stars by completing each level as quickly as possible. Find all of the acorns to unlock a mini-game! The paths to tread upon is full of enemies, traps, hurdles and overcoming them all will require logic more than anything else. There are so many different kinds of tools available in the surrounding and they ought to be used very effectively during the adventurous journey. The complexities of the adventure continues to increase but each level can actually be completed if you are not afraid to think hard in order to make the moves that keep getting you closer to your destination. There are many levels in the game and so the excitement continues for a long time.